In service to great ideas in our great communities.

Greenleaf Trust’s esprit de corps compels us to support and encourage one another no matter the circumstances. In encouraging and applauding that service, we realize the greatest benefit to our clients and to each other. Our commitment to helping others is not just top down, but also bottom up. It’s important to our culture that philanthropy is something everyone engages in. In fact, Greenleaf Trust team members donated nearly 2000 hours of their time to different non-profit organizations in their communities. Below are just a few, of the many, community initiatives that Greenleaf Trust has the honor of supporting.

Greenleaf Gives

We are thrilled to roll out our new giving and volunteering program, Greenleaf Gives. To further enhance everyone’s empowerment we partnered with the company Benevity, a leading provider of global corporate purpose software with a unique suite of community investment and employee, customer, and nonprofit engagement solutions. The company has processed nearly $8 billion in donations and 43 million hours of volunteering time to support 326,000 nonprofits worldwide.


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Catchafire is a virtual platform that strengthens the nonprofit sector by matching professionals who want to donate their time to nonprofits that need their skills. Catchafire allows nonprofits to obtain assistance for a wide variety of essential operational needs, such as marketing, translation services, policy reviews, strategy development, and more at no cost to the nonprofit.


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Day of Caring

On February 21 2022, we hosted our seventh Day of Caring. Teammates were given the day to form groups and volunteer together at a nonprofit of their choosing within their respective communities.


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Wealth Builders

Once a month, Club Members will meet with Greenleaf Trust investment professionals, Greenleaf Trust Wealth Developers, and dedicated KPS teachers/advisors. Students will learn about investing in the stock market, stocks, bonds, Wall Street, and other financial concepts.


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