Independent Research

Our dedicated, in-house research team incorporates a structure designed to eliminate conflicts of interest, providing laser focus on the best interests of our clients.

Our experience and perspective deliver client-first solutions customized to their individual needs. Greenleaf Trust’s investment research team includes professionals from a wider range of specialties including portfolio construction, manager selection, equity research, fixed income research, alternative investments and trading.

Meet Our Research Team

An investment philosophy that has stood the test of time.

Our objective is to create comprehensive investment solutions that help our clients reach their goals. Our core beliefs and philosophy guide this approach.

  • We seek to maximize after-tax, after-fee returns for a given level of risk.
  • Investment decisions based on accepted principles and empirical data.
  • We take a long-term perspective and disciplined approach load to improved investment outcomes.
  • Independence and an open architecture platform allow for unbiased investment decisions.
  • Asset allocation is the primary driver of long-term investment performance.

Growing and preserving your financial security for generations to come.

We understand each client’s circumstances and goals and thoughtfully ascertain the appropriate asset allocation and construct a portfolio based on our view of the best way to access each asset class. Through this process our goal of growing and preserving our client’s financial security from generation to generation is realized. Consequently, we continuously monitor and manage portfolio risk and adjust as necessary.

We look forward to sharing the details about our investment philosophy with you.