Retirement plan solutions that are good for business and great for morale.

Greenleaf Trust provides a comprehensive retirement plan service offering that is beneficially different from our competitors. We oversee every component and regulatory requirement of your company’s qualified retirement plan. Our broad experience and extensive resources enable us to serve in a fiduciary capacity, thus ensuring that your plan is compliant, efficient, effective, and worry-free. Employees will gain a better understanding and appreciation of their plan and a higher likelihood of participating in it.

We offer a very competitive and transparent fee schedule in our comprehensive solution:

  • Full-service offering
  • Participant (employee) education and guidance
  • Plan sponsor consultation
  • Independent investment platform
  • Fiduciary protection

Discipline is Key During Times of Volatility

Remember, the MOST important investment decision you will ever make occurs when you pick your investment strategy.  The strategy that is right for you is largely based on how many years you intend to work before reaching retirement and on how much risk you’re willing to accept in terms of protecting or growing your investments.

Shifts in the stock market are common – and major changes sometimes come quickly, as we are constantly being reminded lately.  While the short term can be exceedingly unpredictable, over the long term we know that we should expect some bumps along the way.  We know we will experience recessions, presidential elections will occur, geopolitical tensions will ebb and flow, and from time to time issues (like the coronavirus) will present from left field.  Your investment strategy should be developed with a long-term lens and maintaining discipline during periods of uncertainty is the most reliable course for growing and preserving your wealth.  We remind you that times like these are when your investment strategy and discipline are most important.  Stay the course and don’t panic.

Your employees’ hard-earned contributions and savings will be appropriately diversified and sensibly invested for long-term growth and preservation. Naming Greenleaf Trust as your plan provider is not only good for business; it’s great for morale.

Greenleaf Trust’s Retirement Plan Division earns consistently high marks in across-the-board client satisfaction. Click here for a summary of our 2018 survey results.