Trust Administration

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As one of Michigan’s first trust-only banks, Greenleaf Trust is uniquely qualified in all areas of trust and estate administration. Acting as sole trustee, co-trustee, agent for trustee or successor trustee, we provide competent and objective management of financial assets, real estate, business interests, and other related assets.

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With an exceptionally high level of professionalism and fiduciary excellence, as trustee, we work closely with our clients (and where applicable their tax attorney and other trusted advisors) on, for example:

  • Oversight of investment assets in conjunction with our research team
  • Oversight (and liquidation/distribution as applicable) of non-traditional assets such as real estate, notes, bonds, and closely held stock
  • Coordination of tax and estate planning, tax filings and returns, and delivery of appropriate information to trust beneficiaries
  • Making discretionary decisions as directed by specific trusts to make distributions to beneficiaries
  • Consistent and professional contact with all parties having a beneficial interest in a trust