As one of our four “Cs” – Clients, Colleagues, Communities, and Culture – the communities that we live and work in are very important to us. We value giving back to them and making them stronger and more vibrant. As such, we empower our team to support their communities and causes within those communities in ways they want. That empowerment involves making it easier and convenient for our teammates to give and volunteer in their communities. Our hope in doing so is that maybe we can inspire them and others to do even more to make an even bigger impact.

That’s why we were all thrilled to roll out our new giving and volunteering program, Greenleaf Gives, last month. To further enhance everyone’s empowerment we partnered with the company Benevity, a leading provider of global corporate purpose software with a unique suite of community investment and employee, customer, and nonprofit engagement solutions. The company has processed nearly $8 billion in donations and 43 million hours of volunteering time to support 326,000 nonprofits worldwide. Through Benevity’s Spark online platform, our teammates can now:

  • Connect and learn about causes and ways to take action in their respective communities.
  • Securely donate to almost 2 million vetted nonprofits. And, if a nonprofit in one of our communities is not on the platform, we can simply add it.
  • Set up one-time or recurring donations to be deducted from their paycheck or credit card.
  • Give charitable gift cards to teammates.
  • Share their giving and volunteering activities on social media.
  • Find opportunities to volunteer in their communities.
  • Create their own fundraising and volunteer events and share them with their teammates.
  • Use a Missions module to engage in small everyday activities that can build new habits that in turn make a big impact over time.
  • Track and analyze their giving and volunteering activity.

Inspiring our team to do more inspired the company to do more. So as part of Greenleaf Gives, Greenleaf Trust will match up to $1,000 per year per teammate towards eligible nonprofit donations. We are proud to be able to support our teammates in this manner and excited to see how this program impacts the nonprofit organizations in our communities.