Wealth Management

Financial security for generations to come.

Our clients’ financial security is the sole objective of Greenleaf Trust. We achieve this through a goals-based approach to wealth management which, at its core, entails managing each client’s wealth to allow for the pursuit of what matters most to the client, be it personal, dynastic, philanthropic or a combination.

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We take a highly consultive approach by listening, guiding, educating, and serving our clients in meaningful ways.

This continual dialogue informs both the creation and on-going monitoring of a comprehensive, personalized wealth management plan in which success is defined as meeting each client’s specific financial goals.

As a privately held, Michigan-chartered trust-only bank with $17 billion* in assets under advisement, we are regulated by the State of Michigan and held to the standards of the FDIC and the Federal Reserve. We believe strongly in aligning ourselves with our clients’ best interests, as evidenced by our transparent fee schedule, rigorous and unbiased in-house research, and the absence of self-serving proprietary products. We do not accept soft dollar remuneration, nor do we accept any form of revenue from 12b-1 fees or commissions from third parties.

These core values and policies allow us to put each client’s well-being at the center of our every decision, providing them with peace of mind that their wealth is optimally invested and deployed.

*For our consolidated entities, our assets under advisement are approximately $17 billion as of December 31, 2023.