In her capacity as CFO for one of the region’s leading manufacturers, the executive bore a weighty responsibility: to continue providing decent jobs, and to ensure that her company’s 401(k) plan was properly managed. It was the latter point that worried her. For years, the plan provider had been a large, regional bank that was biased toward its own proprietary funds. None were top performers in their sector, and the overall fund selection was equal parts old/laggard and new/unproven. Believing her employees deserved better, and mindful of her own legal fiduciary responsibility, the CFO asked a local banker for a recommendation. “We use Greenleaf Trust,” came the reply.

At the introductory meeting, the retirement plan services team from Greenleaf Trust made a favorable impression. There was clarity and due diligence on how funds are researched, chosen and continuously measured against a stringent performance requirement. There was transparency on fees. There was a simple, step-by-step plan to expedite a seamless and timely transition from the company’s current provider. And there was a proactive, hands-on approach to meeting with employees individually and collectively in order to help them make smarter decisions about their eventual retirement. It was pretty much everything the current provider was failing to provide, and Greenleaf Trust was awarded the business. Employee participation is now higher, contributions have increased, asset values are healthier, and the CFO thanks the day she met us.

Not every plan conversion is such an eye-opener. But with Greenleaf Trust’s fiduciary excellence, open architecture, best-in-class investment platform, and nearly perfect client satisfaction scores, your employees will clearly see things in a better light—starting with you. Let’s talk.