In the fullness of three generations of marriages, births, deaths and naturally diverging interests, the heirs to a family fortune were concerned. Their once simple, single pot of money had grown so complex, so time consuming and so expensive to manage, that it was becoming a source of anguish rather than comfort. The large bank that had long-served as trustee had churned through so many employees over the years, it knew little about the family, and cared even less. A trusted friend offered advice: call Greenleaf Trust.

Meeting with the family, we listened carefully to their wishes that any new trusts should be structured in a manner that provided for current needs, while limiting withdrawals to ensure long-term capital. We took on their administrative headaches, and oversaw the intricate account transfers from numerous banks and holding firms. We reapportioned inappropriate investments so as to align risk and safety. And, over time, by creating educational trusts, generation-skipping trusts and related sub-trusts, we simplified and clarified “the rules of the road” so that the family’s intrinsic values would be upheld for generations to come. Family trust—in every good sense—was restored.

We’re the first to say not every family portrait is all smiles. But with client satisfaction rates approaching 100%, and our unwavering focus on integrity and trust, it is safe to say that our clients appear to live happily, and harmoniously, ever after. To learn how Greenleaf Trust might help you to achieve financial security from generation to generation, call us. Good things are possible.