When his application to the University of Michigan was wait-listed, then rejected, Nick Juhle was stunned. Unwilling to accept defeat, he wrote the admissions officer to ask if there’d been a mistake; after all, he was a stellar academic student and life-long Wolverine fan. A week later, a congratulatory letter of acceptance arrived. The lesson learned? Instead of accepting things as they appear, look deeper.

Nick applied that lesson for the next four years, and several thereafter for some of the nation’s largest consultants in healthcare, business and investments. But upon becoming a first-time father, he longed to return to Michigan. An analyst by nature, he created a spreadsheet of the state’s largest 100 companies. Three solid job offers came his way, but unconvinced of each’s ability to provide an impactful job, a good community network, talent, respect, etc., Nick turned them down. A friend in Chicago told him of an analyst position at Greenleaf Trust. Knowing little about us, he studied our culture, our approach and our people, and liked what he saw. Two months after being hired, then six, then a year, his Greenleaf Trust colleagues were still friendly and interested in him; still sincere in their helpfulness and stewardship; still team-oriented and focused on the clients’ interests. When asked recently by an intern what he liked about working for Greenleaf Trust, he answered, “The job is great; the people and organization are even better.” Coming from an analyst who rarely speaks off the cuff, that’s an assessment we’re happy to hear.

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