The medical practice had the familiar hallmarks of an investment quandary. Its physicians were highly educated, respected, successful and accustomed to calling the shots. Including where and how to invest wealth—their own, as well as their practice’s 401(k). But being a first rate doctor (or any other high level professional) doesn’t always translate into being a first rate wealth manager. So unconfident were some about the wisdom of their investments that they were checking their stocks between surgeries. Talk about short-term positions.

Someone had a sensible idea: call Greenleaf Trust. We met with the doctors, introduced them to our client-centric team model, and described in detail our holistic approach to wealth management. Within days, many had become clients and we were asked to manage the practice’s 401(k). Over time, we repositioned their investments so as to properly diversify and better position their portfolios for growth potential. All’s well that ends well, you might say, but there’s another chapter to this story.

Among the physicians, one’s spouse had aging parents whose investments were being handled by a national brokerage firm. The account was reasonably well managed by the father, but upon his death the widowed wife was ill-equipped to assume a financial decision-making role. The broker showed little empathy, and seemed uninterested in meeting with her grown children. Again, the sensible idea arose: call Greenleaf Trust. From that day forward, what became apparent was that our interest in the well being of the family was equal to our interest in the well being of their assets. At the family’s request, we carefully transferred their investments from the brokerage firm to Greenleaf Trust, shielding them from unwarranted fees, maddening bureaucracy and further duress. We adjusted their holdings and overall plan, so that generational trusts could be established for the future benefit of third and fourth generations. Every decision we made was focused on their well being, and they apparently agreed. The entire family ended up moving their respective assets to Greenleaf Trust.

We’re the first to say not every investment strategy needs a second opinion. But with client satisfaction rates approaching 100%, and our unwavering focus on integrity and trust, it is safe to say our clients feel better about their financial health. Call us if you’d like to learn more. We’ll gladly make a house call.