Growing up in West Terre Haute, Indiana, Debby felt the same as everyone else. Nothing felt unusual, nothing seemed out of place. When she got to college, however, she quickly learned, there were big differences in the world when it comes to wealth and poverty.

Doing good for others was always part of her plan. Debby enrolled as an undergraduate with the intention of becoming a doctor. Feeling a little out of place in the laboratory, she felt more comfortable mixing the theories of economics. She shifted majors but not her focus: wanting to improve lives. Over the last twenty-five years that’s exactly what she accomplished.

Throughout her career, Debby has grown her idea of catalytic capital to create wealth in low-income communities, guiding over $1.4 billion invested. Communities and cities from Denver to Grand Haven have seen lasting, positive change thanks to Debby’s work and guidance. In her role as The Family Office director of community development and social impact with Greenleaf Trust, she plans to extend and build upon her successes to offer impact investing to create wealth in low-income communities. If you want to make a difference in your community, talk to Debby. Her ideas lift dreams and opportunities and the lives of people everywhere.

Debby Kasemeyer – The Family Office Director of Community Development and Social Impact

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