After three attempts with three different providers, the CEO had finally had it with the banks and financial service firms who’d mismanaged her plumbing business’s participant-directed 401(k) fund. It wasn’t just the high fees. It wasn’t just the poor service from providers who were too large and inattentive, or too small and inexperienced. And it wasn’t just the investment options that benefitted the provider more than the employees. No, it was something of even greater concern: workplace rumblings that the plan was less and less a generous and reliable benefit, and more and more a costly, unfair waste of their hard-earned savings.

Greenleaf Trust got the call and our hands-on approach took hold. Employee participation increased, contributions rose and morale steadily improved. The only thing that went down, all the way to zero, was the number of employee complaints.

We’re the first to say not every 401(k) plan has such a storybook ending. But with client satisfaction rates approaching 100%, and our unwavering focus on integrity and trust, it is safe to say that grateful employees appear to work happily ever after. If you’d like to learn more about how we help clients achieve financial security from generation to generation, call us. It’s not just a pipe dream.