At the cusp of retirement twenty some odd years ago, a successful executive needed his assets to work harder than ever. He desired to travel widely; spend summers at the family cottage; support favored charities; help the grandkids pay for college; maintain the style of living to which he and his wife had become accustomed; build a new home; and still leave enough in his personal trust to benefit heirs. With stock options, 401(k) and other assets in hand, he turned to us and said, “Put these to work. I trust you.” It was trust well placed. In the ensuing decades, we managed his wealth through three recessions and countless unforeseen events. With investment skill, discipline, and the client’s financial well being at the center of every decision we made, his wealth not only was preserved, it increased.

We’re the first to say not every story has such a fairy tale ending. But with client satisfaction rates approaching 100%, and our unwavering focus on integrity and trust, it is safe to say that Greenleaf Trust clients appear to live happily ever after. If you’d like to learn how we can help you achieve financial security from generation to generation, call us. We’ll give you the full story.