August 2019 Perspectives

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Greenleaf Book Club

Michigan Economic Update


Keeping Your Retirement Plan Beneficiary Up to Date

The Doom Loop

July 2019 Perspectives

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Servant Leadership

2019 Mid-Year Market Review

Employer Review of Retirement Plan Benefit

Topics for your Nonprofit Committee Meeting

Repurposing Life Insurance Policies

June 2019 Perspectives

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Traverse City Growth

Opportunity Zones

Benefits of Data Aggregators

Pending Legislation: Tenants-By-The-Entireties

Warning: 401(k) Loans Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

May 2019 Perspectives

Economic Commentary

Greenleaf Gives - Our Communities

Corporate Debt, a Rising Concern?

Capacity Planning: Is Your Agent Up to the Task?

Spring into Retirement Savings

Take a Holiday from Fake Holidays

Recent Michigan Legislation Regarding Directed Trusts

April 2019 Perspectives

Economic Commentary

Monetary Policy 2019 World Tour

Know Your Ride Share Driver

Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Personal Story

Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication to Your Retirement Plan Account

Grief and Financial Services

Triple Tax Benefit - Health Savings Account

March 2019 Perspectives Newsletter

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Look Who's Working Now

Preventing Financial Elder Abuse

Is it Time to Move My 401(k) Balance to a Money Market Fund?

Balancing Debt into Retirement

February 2019 Perspectives Newsletter

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Brexit: Where Are We Now?

Is Your Durable Power of Attorney Aging with You?

Digital Assets – Are You Planning for Them?

Millennials: Building Their Legacy

Hardship Distributions Made Easier in 2019

January 2019 Perspectives Newsletter

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2019 Strategic Initiatives

2018 Review and Outlook

Survey Says…

Reflect, Resolve, Relax

Your Children and Their Financial Inheritance

Required Testing in Qualified Retirement Plans and Solutions to Consider

Happily Ever Asher