Personable and bright, Regina Jaeger, CTFA, is the ideal trust relationship officer to bring extraordinary client service back to Northern Michigan. But how? For clients of Greenleaf Trust, you see, extraordinary client service never went away. So Regina will set her sights on raising a high bar even higher by advising, serving, and meeting the needs of our wealth management clients. Given the alignment of her core values and ours—fiduciary excellence, integrity, continuous improvement, putting client interests first—it’s a perfect fit.

In Regina’s experience, the best trust relationship officers provide timely and consistently reliable service regardless of client circumstances. Whether they created wealth or inherited it, have or need a trust, or are acquiring assets or paring down, all need a trusted advisor who puts their interests first. And because Regina’s natural instinct is precisely that, her decision to join our firm is exceedingly good news.

Give Regina a call and put her to work on your behalf. You’ll find that trust is in our name—and Regina is on our team—for good reason.

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