Kimberly Dudley spoke to the Detroit Free Press recently about how Greenleaf Trust is supporting its employees amid remote work and the ongoing pandemic.

“Leaders at the wealth management firm Greenleaf Trust noticed that when they chatted virtually with their employees this summer, they sensed stress, especially with the school year approaching, said Kim Dudley, a senior human resources specialist at the Kalamazoo-based company… Limited time and technology were two major impediments to improving employees’ remote work lives, Dudley found. 

From there, the Greenleaf Cares Program was created, with the company reimbursing employees for a new desk, better Wi-Fi, child care, among other expenses.

‘We’re able to be flexible with them,’ she said. ‘A lot of it is getting a workstation set up at home, especially if you have multiple children working from home.’

Greenleaf has now reimbursed $100,000 of these kinds of expenses.”

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