Maggie Steffy’s journey from her small-town roots in Petoskey to her new role as a business development officer at Greenleaf Trust in northern Michigan is a remarkable one. She ventured to Kalamazoo for her college education, where she double majored in economics and Spanish, embracing the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

After graduation, Maggie found her calling in law based upon her desire to gain expertise that she could use to help others in her community. She pursued her legal education at Loyola University Chicago, where she not only honed her legal skills but also met her future husband. She spent a decade as a litigator in the Windy City before the desire for a more family-oriented, outdoor lifestyle brought her back to her roots.

A chance encounter opened doors for both Maggie and her husband to return to northern Michigan, where they could live in a place people typically visit for vacation. The natural beauty, active outdoor lifestyle, and a slower pace of life made it an easy decision. She practiced law in Petoskey for nearly five years before a friend introduced her to Greenleaf Trust.

Maggie’s ability to connect with people and her passion for helping clients build a better future align perfectly with her role at Greenleaf Trust. She is excited to work with a top-notch team and is grateful to be living and working in her dream location.

Greenleaf Trust is equally excited to have Maggie join our team. Maggie and the team at Greenleaf Trust
provide the guidance you need to head confidently toward tomorrow.

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