After graduating with a degree in business administration, Karen McNish began searching for a way to set herself apart in the job market. Law school was her answer. She earned a legal degree and went into private practice as in estate planning, where much of her day was spent interacting with the bank near her firm. That bank soon offered her a job and Karen’s 25-year career in trust administration took root.

However, Karen wanted to work more directly with her clients and eventually, she felt it was time for a change. So she turned to Greenleaf Trust. Karen was excited to collaborate, brainstorm and find solutions for her clients and she valued those relationships, through good times and difficult ones. At Greenleaf Trust, Karen embraces the holistic approach and focus on serving clients well, presenting information in a straightforward way, and forming strong, long-term relationships. Karen is thrilled to be working closely with clients as she helps them customize solutions to meet their individual goals. If you are looking for someone who will work this hard for you, consider Greenleaf Trust.

Karen A. McNish, J.D. | Senior Trust Relationship Officer | 989.439.2469

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