A resumé laden with good schools, a law degree and blue chip banks propelled Judy Grace in a steadily upward trajectory. Trust positions at Michigan National Bank, Standard Federal, LaSalle, Bank of America and Northern Trust resulted in greater responsibilities and loftier titles. But the higher she climbed, the greater the distance between Judy and the clients she loved to serve. Corporate focus was taking precedence over client focus, and recommendations that were supposed to be in the best interest of her clients were giving way to competing priorities. Something had to change, and it did: a position opened up with Greenleaf Trust. In exploratory conversations, Judy was struck that Greenleaf Trust decisions were based, as a matter of course, on their impact on clients. It was a core value so close to her own heart that earlier this year she joined us as a Vice President, Trust Relationship Officer. About Greenleaf Trust, she enthusiastically tells others, “We provide pure trust and investment advice for clients in a conflict-free environment. It’s all we do, and we’re very good at it.”

There’s never been a better time to put your best financial interests first. Call us, and we’ll do exactly that.

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