Since earning his degree in sales and marketing years earlier, Jeff Hoekstra had played successful roles at Dominion Systems and Capital One Bank. He believed that knowledge is power, but that knowledge without action is useless. We had heard great things about Jeff , so when a business development position opened on our retirement plan team, we encouraged him to apply. He did so, never imagining the deep dive character assessment and 18 interviews ahead. Greenleaf Trust doesn’t hire just anyone, you see.

Jeff ’s interview process confirmed that Greenleaf Trust takes its culture seriously. Our core values of “putting clients’ interests first, being honest and honorable, and doing the right thing always” were in sync with Jeff ’s own philosophy of ensuring customer success. Long story short, Jeff accepted our offer without countering; a first for him.

With Jeff onboard, get ready to be asked about your company’s retirement plan. And be ready to hear that Greenleaf Trust’s full fiduciary responsibility, robust investment platform, and comprehensive employee education will make your plan better, and your employees better off . As Jeff might say, that’s good for business and great for morale. You can learn more, and meet Jeff for yourself, by calling (248) 251-3401.

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