Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do are the core values that each Airman commits to when joining the Air Force. At Greenleaf Trust, we also have core values that all new team members make a commitment to before joining our team.

Greenleaf Trust’s core values form the foundation of how we perform our work and conduct ourselves. They are the foundation of our culture. Our core values are so important to us that even as we grow and add to the breadth and depth of our services, they will remain constant.

We believe in the studies and conclusions of Jim Collins in his bestselling books Good to Great and Built to Last – companies need a set of core values in order to achieve the kind of long-term, sustainable success that leads to greatness. These are the core values that make us great.

Client Focused, First and Foremost. Our services are driven by clients’ needs, solution based, and customized to meet their needs. We will remain privately held in perpetuity. We adhere to a conflict-free standard of service with a transparent fee schedule, unbiased in-house research, absence of self-serving proprietary products, and no soft dollar remuneration.

Honest and Honorable. We do what is right and adhere to ethical principles. When a mistake is made, we make it right and we make it right away. We maintain integrity, commitment, and accountability to our clients, colleagues, and the communities we serve.

Continuous Improvement. As we engage and participate in continuous individual and corporate improvement, we must exemplify the following attributes: be receptive to new ideas, view challenges as opportunities, commit to the highest standard of professional integrity, and take advantage of opportunities for professional growth.

Teamwork. Services are delivered through a team approach that allows the collective wisdom of our teammates to address clients’ needs. Diversity is good; it makes us better decision makers. Professionalism, respect, and dignity are fundamental principles by which we treat all others. We maintain a balance between family, work, and community service.

Fiduciary Excellence. We are committed to being educated, disciplined stewards and managers of our clients’ wealth during both normal and extraordinary times. Instituting a thoughtful, well-structured and disciplined risk management program is a critical part of improving services to our clients, protection of their assets, growth of our company, increased security for our teammates, and better financial security for all.

Budget Process. We are committed to the advancement of client-centered services that enhance our fiduciary services, investment process, communication, and reporting. We are committed to teammate growth, recruitment, retention, and education.