Kalamazoo, Michigan, June 26, 2017

Greenleaf Trust is proud to welcome the following new team members:
Brian Farrell – trust operations specialist
Kelly Jorgensen – team service coordinator
Tonia Kennedy – vice president, trust officer
Nancy Schmidt – team service coordinator
Rob Taylor – senior business intelligence engineer
Bruce Vandermeulen – senior family wealth planner

The following promotions were also announced:
Peggy Anderson – vice president, director of operations
Jessica Ball – family office coordinator
Gabrielle Contesti – business information analyst, projects
Wendy Cox – vice president, director of personal trust
Oliver Krings – chief information officer
Catie Matzka – senior team service coordinator
Julie Mentzer – senior client service representative
Rachel Mortensen – team service coordinator II
Chris Sharp – senior relationship specialist
Brian Smolinski – senior business information analyst
Andrea Stidmon – senior trust operations specialist
Adam Suwyn – senior wealth management associate
Denise Tate – client service administrator
Kristen Tidd – team service coordinator II
Kimberly VanDuine – senior project manager
John Welch – senior vice president, managing director