February 19, 2016, Kalamazoo, MI

Jermaine J. Johnson joins the team as a trust operations specialist – cash processing. He is responsible for securities processing and providing support to the rest of the operations team. Jermaine has nearly ten years of banking and accounting experience, including office management and account reconciliation. He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance at Western Michigan University and he is currently completing his M.B.A.

Lisa C. Luebke joins the team as a recruiter. She is responsible for meeting the evolving needs of Greenleaf Trust by finding the best talent for each position. Her management of the recruiting process includes developing innovative new ways of attracting and searching for top applicants to bring to the company. Lisa partners closely with community leaders, building and maintaining relationships with members of a diverse talent network that includes universities and colleges, job fairs, and other community organizations. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a bachelor of science in elementary education/early childhood.

Samuel J. Riethman joins the team as a trading specialist – equities. His responsibilities include all aspects of trading, focusing on equity and options while providing support as an alternate for fixed income and mutual fund transactions. He works closely with the team to continuously improve the trading process and give insight on the technical facets of the market. Sam’s background includes commercial banking operations and consumer credit underwriting. A graduate of Denison University, he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics.