April was Financial Literacy Month. Financial Literacy Month is a nationally recognized month created with a goal of improving financial literacy in America. As a financial organization with a holistic approach to wealth management, we want to ensure that financial wellness is at the forefront of all our client’s minds, from our family office and wealth management clients, to our retirement plan clients and their individual plan participants.

One of the ways we keep financial wellness at the forefront of our minds is by setting up regular reminders that assist us with the important goal of saving for retirement. Our retirement plan team has a goal of ensuring that our participants are able to retire with dignity. Regular reminders to our clients to rebalance their portfolios and review their accounts with us at Greenleaf Trust are an essential part of how we help our clients reach that goal.

For most people, financial health doesn’t depend on how much they earn, but rather how much they spend. Recognizing needs versus wants and spending mindfully is vital to financial health. We encourage our clients to identify and document fixed and seasonal expenses, then work with an advisor to establish a budget that ensures needs are met now, while also investing for their future.

Being financially literate means having the skills and tools necessary to make smart financial decisions. It means one may need to delay gratification to save for their goals and give themselves peace of mind, both today and in the future. Setting and achieving financial goals can provide the freedom to use one’s assets to do the things they truly want to do, like retire with dignity, spend time with family or leave a legacy. Whatever your priority, making a plan is key. Your Greenleaf Trust Team is here to assist you in reaching your financial goals.