Beth Simon’s understanding of what it takes to win, and why some teams are better at it than others, was fostered early in life by loving parents and by her husband who believed luck is “when preparation meets opportunity.” That sentiment, put into practice through hard work over countless hours, paid off with Beth’s golf scholarship to Notre Dame, where she earned Academic All American honors, and afterwards found success in pharmaceutical sales for Eli Lilly. If pure luck was ever a factor, it was in the philosophy class where Beth met Ben, a center on the Fighting Irish hockey team, future NHL player and professional coach, and husband to be. (Two daughters have since rounded out
their family.)

You’d think fifty-four moves across four countries over two decades would be more than enough for a lifetime. But Beth’s fifty-fifth move is her happiest yet: She’s back in Michigan and on the team at Greenleaf Trust. Her temperament and approach to winning—admire and support your teammates, pull together for the greater goal, and put others’ interests ahead of your own—ideally complement the core values of Greenleaf Trust, where our clients’ best interests are at the center of every decision we make. In joining our marketing team, Beth’s focus on event planning, client communications, and team building are certain to result in highlights for us, and a streak of wins for you. Please join us in welcoming Beth Simon to our team.

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