Purposeful Growth is an integral component of our long-term strategic plan. Our growth is purposeful because it must involve continuously improving our service and capabilities to existing clients while seeking opportunities to serve new clients. Growing just to become bigger is a fool’s game.

Over the years, we have found opportunities to purposely grow in new markets across the state of Michigan. In addition to our offices in Kalamazoo, we have successfully opened offices in Birmingham in 2010, Traverse City in 2014, Grand Rapids in 2016, and Bay Harbor in 2018. Each time we added to the breadth and depth of our services through the addition of talented new teammates and met new clients and communities to serve. That’s why we are so excited to announce the opening of our new office in Midland this summer!

In addition to Midland’s thriving business community, the sophistication and engagement of the overall community are what has drawn us to want to be a part of it. As with every market we enter, we wanted to be part of the community. So, that’s where we started. In 2020, we partnered with Catchafire on their One Michigan initiative in the Great Lakes Bay region. Catchafire provides an online platform that matches professionals who want to donate their time with nonprofits who need their skills. Through the pandemic the initiative has provided tremendous support to nonprofit organizations in Midland.

Then, serendipitously, talent and three mergers in five years at the largest regional bank headquartered in town, came together simultaneously and created the opportunity for us to more formally serve the market.

When we met Jennifer West earlier this year, we knew she had the talent required to lead our efforts in the new Midland office as managing director. Needless to say, we are also very excited that Jennifer joined the Greenleaf team in April. Jennifer brings a multitude of diverse experiences to our team. Before she started her successful 19-year career in banking, most recently as a vice president and wealth advisor for a large regional bank, she learned the value of relationships as a small business owner and adjunct professor at a community college.

We believe our independence into perpetuity and Michigan roots will resonate in Midland. When appropriate, Jennifer and the rest of our team look forward to meeting new people at our downtown Midland office.

Greenleaf Trust
117 East Main Street
Midland, MI 48640