A comprehensive overview of your total wealth in one secure location.

Clients of Greenleaf Trust have exclusive access to mywealth, our safe and secure online portal that keeps track of one’s wealth like never before. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, mywealth serves as your personal financial website, enabling you to combine and connect all of your accounts, including those outside of Greenleaf Trust.

At one glance, you can view your net worth, account values, cash flows, transactions, and more. Features such as Organizer and Reports provide clarity and efficiency, while budgeting tools help you stay on track. Mywealth also provides a secure and encrypted online vault that allows you to upload and store wills, trusts, passports, birth certificates and other valuable documentation.

Your personal mywealth portal provides an intuitive and consistent user interface across all your devices, so that at any moment you’ll know where everything is and what it’s worth.