Leslie Coyle

Michigan beckoned. Greenleaf Trust called.

Growing up in Pittsburgh with Ivy League-educated parents, Leslie Labarthe Coyle was keen on reaching her own rigorous goals. Education was key, and Northwestern University was atop the list. Midway through her drive to Evanston, Leslie stopped in Ann Arbor for lunch and strolled around U of M’s campus. Her first impression was favorable, and her early acceptance soon after was too good to refuse.

Arthur Anderson was her first stint after graduation, followed by banking and a foray into trusts and tax-related issues, and then a long run with a Louisville, Kentucky-based trust company where her primary client was the company’s own governance, committees, and board. After twelve years, she yearned to work directly with wealth management clients.

Through LinkedIn, she learned about Greenleaf Trust and our client centric culture, core values, twenty years of growth, and how other wealth management professionals had steered their careers to us. We invited Leslie to visit. Over the course of three days of formal interviews and social interactions, she observed a culture of respect, collegiality, client-first priorities, and long-term perspective. It cemented her own long-held view that in wealth management, numbers are sometimes the easy part. And that real work and value also lie in aligning a client’s family dynamics and multi-faceted wants and needs with what their wealth can enable and sustain.

It’s what Leslie feels called to do, and why she answered when we called. She’d love to hear from you, too. Peace of mind beckons.

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