Bruce Kridler

May the force (of Bruce Kridler) be with you.

Take the passion, integrity and optimism of Bruce Kridler. Mix in equal parts independent research, fiduciary discipline and the goals-driven wealth management strategies of Greenleaf Trust. And you begin to get a sense of why we devoted five months of time and effort to hire Bruce Kridler as Senior Vice President and Business Development Officer – and why he, in turn, was so gratified to find a firm that shares his enduring values. Bruce’s excitement for life; the mix of academic discipline and unbridled creativity he encountered at Cranbrook, Denison University and George Washington University; and the dramatic success he had in leading a wealth advisory team for one of the nation’s largest banks, all work together for your benefit and well-being. Perhaps you’re asking, as many are, “How can I make a meaningful impact? What will my legacy be? Have I done enough to protect my heirs? What’s the right strategy for achieving my philanthropic goals?” Whatever your questions, we’ll find the answers.

Our clients say we’re a force for good. Call Bruce today, and let the force of Greenleaf Trust be with you, too.

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