Mark Meyers

Mark Meyers stepped away from baseball, and hit it out of the park.

When a long-hoped for dream in major league baseball didn’t pan out, Mark Meyers found himself in search of a new direction. Fortunately, his professors at Central Michigan University helped him focus on his other talents and introduced him to personal finance. Watching his dad put three boys through college had shown him the value of money. He liked the idea of helping people maximize their financial resources and do better. Finding nothing in personal finance, Mark took a position in lending.

By the time the financial crisis hit in 2008, however, he knew lending wasn’t for him. He wanted, instead, to help clients build back the financial reserves they’d lost. He joined an investment advisor, but instead of forming the lifelong client relationships he envisioned, it  felt transactional. Career satisfaction remained elusive, but what should he look for? Mark’s list was long: client-focused, no conflicts of interest, great culture, a team of top-notch professionals—and close to home. One company rose to the top: Greenleaf Trust.

Mark eagerly joined our team in 2021 as a Senior Trust Relationship Officer. Mark and his wife have three young boys and an old home with a big yard. Working side-by-side on their house is the family’s passion, just as working side-by-side with clients is Mark’s. He loves that his clients know Greenleaf Trust is thinking holistically about what they want today and may need down the road. Want to know more? Just step up to the plate and make a call.

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